Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pass It Around

Since the beginning of this week, it's been Amy's turn on the sickness carousel -- and how.  She told me that if she got what Jada had, she pitied Jada having to gut through it, because this one is no joke.  Makes me hope all the more that I get to skip my turn on this one.  As for Jada, the fever's gone but she's not totally well -- a lingering cough and occasional runny nose plague her still. 

So these eight or so weeks of day care have gone just as many of my more experienced parent friends have predicted: lots of germs and lots of phlegm.  The good news is that Jada's body has proven to be pretty resilient, and her spirits even more positive.  So we'll take all the ailments for now.  But ask us again when she's off to kindergarten. 
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