Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dancing Jones

The three of us went to a wedding yesterday afternoon. Given that the
festivities were to take us well past Jada's bedtime, even if we left
early, our strategy with her was to take her away from the action a
little after her usual bedtime, change her diaper and get her in
pajamas, give her some time to get quiet, feed her bottle, and then
hope she fell asleep so that we could wheel her back into the banquet
hall and enjoy a little bit more time of socializing and dancing.

Well, that was the plan. What actually happened was that when we took
her away from the action, the music started up, and she could hear it
and she sensed something interesting was going on in there. So she
perked up and started inching her way back to the banquet hall. Next
thing you know, she's on the dance floor, wildly waving her arms and
shrieking with delight. Her dance moves caught the eye of the wedding
videographer, who shone his light and pointed his camera in her
direction, and of the other attendees, who quickly formed a circle so
she could strut her stuff.

And on and off for the next two hours and change, that was her scene.
Dancing, prowling the walking areas between the tables, and darting
out of the banquet hall and into the lobby, she seemed to gain energy
as the clock advanced to hours she had hardly ever seen. At this
point, it was getting past our bedtime, and she was still going.
Finally, after 10, she started to veer towards a sleepy state. But by
then, she'd had plenty of time in the banquet hall to feed her dancing

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