Saturday, April 29, 2006

She's Watching

Our little one just might be a little smarter than we're giving her credit for.  She's starting to pick up on little things she sees us doing.  She already knows how to clean under her crib with her toy vacuum, just like she's seen Mama do with a real vacuum.  Sometimes I'll take her to the local produce truck to buy fruits and vegetables, and I'll hang the plastic bags on the handle of her stroller; and just the other day, I saw her do the same with an Easter basket and her toy stroller.  She's even figured out that keys aren't just fun to carry and jiggle, they're used to open doors; witness her recent attempt to open our front door by jabbing a handful of keys on a key chain at the door.  (Also, she likes to pull up one pant leg, a popular fashion statement by the local kids.)  I read somewhere that between the ages of 1 and 2, a toddler's vocabulary explodes from two words to 200 words, so it's not long before she's parroting the words and inflections she hears us using.  So we now know we need to be more careful about how we act and speak in front of her.  Because she's watching and learning.

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