Monday, March 27, 2006

Kisses Kisses, Everywhere She Turned

One of the things I've always loved about our church is the kids.
There are always tons of kids under five, and I'm pretty sure there
have always been more of them who are biracial and/or adopted than
not. Now that we too are parents, we enjoy this flavor all the more.

Even more important than the diversity of the kid army is the love.
While I was at work today, Amy went to the local park with Jada, and
they bumped into two other moms from church, who between them have six
kids. Four of them were there (two were in school), but the moms were
looking after another mom's two kids, so there they were, two adults
and six kids. And all the kids gave Jada lots of kisses. Kisses,
kisses; everywhere she turned, a little one was giving her a kiss.

I wasn't there but could easily imagine it, because when I'm with Jada
at church, I see her get lots of kisses, too. I'm so glad we go to
church that's rich in kids, in diversity, and in kisses.

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