Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Conversations with Jada

The parenting magazines say that as early as four months, babies can
begin to learn the back-and-forth of conversations. Not that they're
necessarily speaking words, of course, but that they begin to get that
there's this thing called conversations, where one person says
something, and then another person responds, and they go back and
forth, and there's body language and timing and other such nuances.
The magazines go on to say, then, that it's healthy to have
conversations with your child, even well before they can utter
anything close to words, because it helps them get a jump on learning
how conversations work.

On and off, Amy and I have tried to do just that. But lately, it's
been particularly easy, because Jada is starting to respond to our
prompting. Sometimes she'll initiate, with oh-so-cute babbling, to
which Amy usually responds, "Is that so – so then what did you say
after that?" And sometimes, she try to repeat the sound we just made;
she's getting close to being able to say "hi" pretty good. I can't
begin to tell you how incredibly adorable it is to have a conversation
with her. You'll have to come over or call us and hear for yourself!

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