Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Playing With Others

The highlight of our doctor's visit yesterday wasn't anything medical
– nothing but good news to report there – but the time waiting in the
lobby. For there were found other kids Jada's age, all Chinese, many
speaking Mandarin. I could've stayed there all day, and would be
hard-pressed to find a better environment in a professional day care

What was especially neat was seeing Jada play with other kids,
something she doesn't often get a chance to do yet. Some of the kids
were older and yet smaller, and Jada is used to playing by herself, so
sometimes I had to correct her when she was being, well, a bully –
patting others on their heads, wrestling toys away from them,
monopolizing a fun toy.

But other times, she and others shrieked at each other as they played
peacefully side by side. I couldn't help but extrapolate out to a day
in the near future when I peek through the door of her school
classroom and see her playing with her classmates. Until then, we'll
be sure to seek out more opportunities for Jada to play with others.
Maybe I'll take Jada to the pediatrician's office even on days she
doesn't have appointments. (Just kidding.)

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