Friday, January 13, 2006

A Bump on the Head

Jada sustained another injury today. She slipped while rummaging
through a kitchen cabinet and hit her forehead on the edge of one of
the shelves. It left a nasty welt on her head, but with a little ice
the swelling has already gone down. She'll probably have a scar-like
mark there for a little bit (there was a little bit of blood, but
mostly bruise), but soon enough she'll be as good as new.

Perhaps as a result of her spill, she's been more content than normal
sitting still and playing with toys. Versus other days, when she
absolutely must be scurrying around: crawling toward something
interesting to climb on, pulling herself up, and seeing what she can
reach from her standing position. Amy and I don't always stand right
behind her for protection, unless she's near corners or other
dangerous spots. We're trying to teach her how to steer clear of
tricky places not by us pulling her away from them but by listening to
our verbal warnings.

We're also trying to give her room to be wobbly and learn how to
balance herself, rather than us catching her all the time and giving
her a false sense of security when she's walking around. The downside
to this training strategy is that every once in a while, like today,
you get a bump on the head. Feel free to draw your own life analogies
from this story.

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