Thursday, December 29, 2005

Waiting Even Longer

The next time we adopt from China, if we go that route, our wait time
from submission of dossier to notice of referral will likely be nine
to twelve months. (And then another two or three months from notice
of referral to trip to China.) With Jada, the wait time was six
months. Six months was the average when we started the process but it
is rapidly creeping up because of high demand. The other day, as Amy
and I were marveling at Jada's evolution in the two-and-a-half months
we've had her, I said to Amy, "What if our wait time wasn't six
months; what if it was nine or twelve months?" That would mean we
would be going to China next month, if the wait time were on the short
side, or even as late as April if it were on the long side. I can't
fathom not having Jada until then, her being in an orphanage until
then. I pray that if we do this again, God (and the Chinese
government) will not tarry in connecting us to our child.

PS Two of these pictures are from October and two of them are from December. Can you guess which are which?
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