Monday, December 05, 2005

Back to Normal

It wasn't an official check-up -- the purpose of today's visit to the pediatrician was to get another round of immunizations to get her up to speed by age 1 -- so we didn't do a measurement of length and weight.  But while we were waiting for the doctor, we saw a scale and a yardstick, so . . . . unofficially, she is at 50th percentile for height, which she was before.  And, even more exciting, she is at 50th percentile for weight -- she had been in the low 10's for all the previous measurements.  We had been told that even in cases where institutionalized kids were behind they'd catch up pretty quick, so we were never too worried about her low weight.  Still, it was nice, for once, to learn that our daughter is normal. 
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