Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lead Levels

I never reported this, although we found out about this a couple of weeks ago, but Jada's blood tests came back and she does have elevated lead levels, although not high enough to warrant any immediate action.  They're in that in-between range that is basically, "don't worry, but let's keep an eye out."  (If you're medically inclined, that range is 14-20 ug/dl.)  The orphanage where she lived from three days old to seven and a half months old was in a fairly industrial region, so the lead settles into the wooden cribs and other things that the babies chew on.  We're hoping that she'll be like other babies from that orphanage who were in a similar situation (according to various online posts from adoptive parents), and whose lead levels went back down to normal within a couple of years.  I tend to think that most people are irrationally nervous about lead poisoning, but at the same time it is a legitimate concern to track.  So hopefully, as we get more blood work over the next few months and years, we'll see this situation dissipate. 

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