Saturday, October 15, 2005

Such Progress

After only a few days, our little Jada is making such progress.  She recognizes us and perks up when she sees us.  She doesn't cry in between bites anymore, because she knows the next bite is on its way.  She is able to lie on her back and entertain ourselves while we come in and out of the room, trusting that just because we have gone out of sight doesn't mean we have left her. 
Physically, she is improving too.  At first, she was so wobbly, from having little to no physical exertion (crawling, being held up on her two legs).  Her legs were these skinny sticks and they wobbled when we stood her up.  Now, she is more comfortable on her feet and on her belly. 
I tell you, it is truly amazing to see a baby develop right before your eyes.  She still has a long way to go cognitively and physically, to catch up with what is normal for her age.  But she is making such progress every day.
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