Thursday, October 13, 2005

So Rich

One of the things the orphanage director told us when we got a chance to ask him questions about Jada is that she likes light music before she falls asleep.  Amy and I love to sing, so it has been a fun routine to add to our parenting.  This afternoon, as we were trying to get Jada comfortable for her nap after lunch, we began to sing.  Well, technically, Amy sang; I was scarfing down some Ramen noodles.  But in between bites, I joined in.  Amy requested that we sing "The LORD Bless You and Keep You," a doxology we both knew the words and tune to from our days in a college Christian a capella group.  As we sang, I looked at my wife and my baby.  My wife, looking more beautiful than ever, so in love with our daughter and singing with such affection and intimacy.  And my baby, looking more precious than ever, slowly falling asleep.  I was overcome with emotion as I thought of how much I pined for a moment like this, how long I had waited and how many times I thought it would never come.  I began to weep at God's lavish favor to me and how undeserving and unmerited it was.  God has certainly blessed me, and I couldn't be richer.
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