Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Grandmas to the Rescue

Here I am at an Internet cafe in downtown Nanchang.  The business center at the hotel has Internet access, but for 1 Chinese yuan per minute (the equivalent of $7.50 per hour).  Not bad, but I had a hunch I could do better.  Plus I couldn't resist the opportunity to explore Nanchang a little.
It's been such a blessing for our moms to be here.  They have been nothing but exemplary to us so far.  Amy's mom has never been to China but she has shown an admirable amount of flexibility and sensitivity.  My mom has served as translator in many situations, as my Mandarin is terrible.  And both have offered advice and support but from a distance, to give us space to make our mistakes and be the parents.
Amy and I have given Jada to them for the afternoon, while she naps and I went to find this Internet cafe.  (By the way, I have no idea how much it is, but I think it's 1 Chinese yuan, or about 12 cents, per hour.  So what that I had to walk for twenty minutes and ask a half-dozen random people on the street in my broken Mandarin to find it.)  We're thinking we might give her to them for a whole evening sometime this week, just so Amy and I can have some "us" time, to relax or swim or just kick back.  What a nice luxury.  But I better go.  I'm missing my Jada already.
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