Friday, October 14, 2005

Apple Juice Volcano

In our effort to slowly introduce new foods to Jada, we decided to try out apple juice.  Amy's mom cautioned us on the grounds of unnecessary sugar.  Amy insisted, and told me to feed Jada the apple juice if she was fussy.  Then Amy went for a run.  Subconsciously, she thought two things, that in retrospect would have been good things to communicate to me, but at the time she didn't consciously think them: 1) the apple juice should be diluted first, and 2) even diluted, the acidicness might loosen the phlegm in her cough.  Of course, "loosen the phlegm" is not a nice and tidy process.
Sure enough, Jada fussed, and I reached for the apple juice.  She took about 3 ounces, and then began to cough.  And then the volcano erupted.  All three ounces burst forth from her mouth, along with some sour chunks of vomit, into my face and shirt.  What a geyser!  I felt so bad for her as she cried her guts out, probably mostly from being startled by the explosion.  Naturally, she felt better shortly thereafter, and I had a lingering smell and taste of baby vomit that i still haven't shed.  Amy returned and the two subconscious thoughts immediately entered her consciousness.  She couldn't stifle a grin as I recounted the situation.  My first spew; yet another baby milestone.
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